Environmental protection and quality policy

FLEJES ESPECIALES, S.L., is thoroughly committed to protecting the environment and sees quality as the vehicle which guarantees a high level of compliance in the commercialization and transformation of steel products. Furthermore, we hold environmental care and quality as being of top priority in our company.

In order to achieve this said objective, the Management of FLEJES ESPECIALES, S.L. hereby presents this Environmental Protection and Quality Policy which implies working under an integrated Environmental Care and Quality System, which is documented and verified at planned periods in order to guarantee its suitability and efficiency.

FLEJES ESPECIALES, S.L. maintains an unbending commitment to the prevention of pollution, satisfying the stipulated requisites of continual improvement not only in its commitment to the environment but also in the levels of compliance with the products we manufacture.

Similarly, FLEJES ESPECIALES, S.L. understands the needs of the client along with all legal norms and requirements, be they general or environmental, to which the client is bound, as well as all agreements to which it subscribes voluntarily and any additional requisite that the organisation deems necessary, and hereby ratifies its undertaking to operate within the established legal framework.

As a result of this Environmental Protection and Quality Policy and the knowledge of the quality level and the environmental aspects associated to its activities and processes, FLEJES ESPECIALES, S.L. establishes objectives for the continual improvement of its environmental action and the level of quality of the products we manufacture, thereby undertaking to establish the necessary measures that enhance the control and minimization of environmental aspects identified.

FLEJES ESPECIALES, S.L. guarantees the assignation of human, technological and financial resources necessary for the implementation of a structured and integrated Environmental Care and Quality System throughout the organisation, in order to attain the proposed objectives of continual improvement.

This Environmental Protection and Quality Policy is made known to all personnel who work in FLEJES ESPECIALES, S.L. or in its name, including externally contracted employees working on its premises, and they are made fully aware of the need to support the policy and to carry out their work in such a way that the improvement objectives established may be achieved.

Likewise, the Environmental Protection and Quality Policy is constantly updated to guarantee its suitability and is at the disposal of all persons or organisations that wish to consult it.