Our end-product is a high value-added strip, widely acclaimed for its slit quality in a specialized market

Flejes Especiales

Flejes Especiales S. L. is a service centre, founded in 1999, and whose main activity is the slitting of steel coils and various metals, for later transformation into strips and final sale in different markets for a spectrum of applications. Our end-product is a high value-added strip, widely acclaimed for its slit quality in a specialized market.

Focused on providing the client with a dynamic and flexible service, we have highly qualified professionals, whose experience and expertise enables our customers to find the best product for each specific application.

Permanent work on the continuous improvement of our processes is present in all areas of our company, as we constantly seek to adapt our work to our clients’ needs. This approach allows us to invest a large part of our resources in the lookout for new projects and products, with a total vocation to diversify our activity.

Following the same strategy, one of the principal objectives of the company throughout its history has been our focus on internationalization. Currently, the export market represents more than 40% of our business, selling our products in more than 15 countries worldwide.


We are a private steel and metals service centre specialising in the slitting of low thickness products resulting in high added value. Our goal is to provide integral service to the CUSTOMER based on: Quality, Agility, Flexibility and Technical Advice.


We aim to achieve an integral service solution for each individual customer and market using the most advanced management techniques, whilst seeking maximum customer satisfaction.


Commitment to our customers and suppliers; Flexibility to adapt to different circumstances of the market; Integrity and honesty in all our actions; High Quality of our products aiming to provide innovative solutions; Motivation towards continuous improvement and environmental sustainability.


In addition to being certified according to ISO 9001: 2015 and 14001: 2015, in 2012 we adopted the EFQM Continuous Improvement, a system based on data analysis for an optimal and efficient process performance.


FLEJES ESPECIALES S.L., has a clear commitment to the environment and recognizes quality as a tool with which we can provide a high level of compliance in the marketing and processing of steel products. For this reason, we consider environmental and quality management the main priority of our company.

To achieve this objective, the Management of FLEJES ESPECIALES S.L. created its Environmental and Quality Policy, which involves working under the Environmental Management System and Quality, integrated, documented and verified at planned intervals to ensure its full adequacy and effectiveness.

FLEJES ESPECIALES S.L. maintains a clear commitment to pollution prevention, to meet the requirements and continuous improvement, both in its environmental commitment and the areas the products it manufactures.

FLEJES ESPECIALES S.L. meets customer requirements as well as legal, regulatory, general, and environmental requisites that are applicable to the company. In addition, we adhere to the commitments to which we subscribe voluntarily and any additional requirements that the organization deems necessary. Furthermore, we reaffirm our commitment to operate within the established framework.

As a result of our Environmental and Quality Policy and stemming from the knowledge of the level of quality and environmental aspects associated with our activities and processes, FLEJES ESPECIALES S.L. sets targets for continuous improvement of its environmental performance, along with the quality of the products it manufactures. Consequently, we pledge to establish the necessary measures to enhance the control and minimization of environmental issues identified.

FLEJES ESPECIALES S.L. ensures the allocation of human, technological and financial resources for the implementation of an Environmental Management and Quality System that is structured and integrated into the entire organization, to achieve the established goals of continuous improvement.

This Environmental and Quality Policy is disseminated to all persons working for FLEJES ESPECIALES S.L. or on its behalf, including contractors working on our premises. We urge all collaborators to adhere to it and to perform their work so that they can achieve the established improvement goals.

Likewise, our Environmental and Quality Policy is constantly updated to ensure its adequacy and is available to any person or organization who so requests it.



Avenida Juan Carlos I, s/n 39600
Maliaño (Cantabria) Spain
+34 942 269 006

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