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Our main product is the steel and aluminium strip, in compliance with our customers’ requirements as well as the standards and regulations of each product.

  • Low Carbon Steel
    1. Cold Rolled Steel
    2. Hot dip Galvanized
    3. Electrogalvanized
    4. Specially Coated materials:
      • Electrolytically tin-plated
      • Electrolytically nickel-plated
      • Electrolytically copper-plated
  • High Carbon Steel
  • Stainless Steel
  • Aluminium


From our wide experience in the cable sector, we supply customized products, directly dedicated to this industry, collaborating with cable manufacturers in the development of new designs.

Metal Strips:

  • High permeability Steel
  • Steel Copolymer
  • Aluminium Copolymer
  • Copper Copolymer

Distribution of some complementary products:

  • FRP (Fiber Reinforcement Plastic)
  • GEL (Filling Compound)
  • Galvanized steel wires and strands

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Maliaño (Cantabria) Spain
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